PCB Design

Printed circuit board design services is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster as our engineering team has significant real world experience designing PCBs for performance and manufacturability.

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Do you have your electronic product idea? Fill in the form, detailing your requirements. Our CAD service offers schematic capture, layout design of your product.

Our experts will select the best technology and components suitable for your project and your budget. At completion of project you receive a fully functional prototype.

Why to choose us:
  • Up to 16 layers
  • Controlled impedance
  • Tailored stack-up
  • Design by IPC standard
  • Schematic capture and design based on your description
  • Budget and technology optimised BOM
  • 3D model export of the PCB for easier enclosure design
  • Our job is done when you have the functional prototype
  • Optional power integrity analysis
  • Thermal management
The final prototype is validated by
  • DFM check and assembly by our automated assembly line
  • Functional test
  • Thermal validation using FLIR thermal imaging camera
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