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PCB Assembly services are our best way to help our customers launch new products to the market in time and budget. We use only high-quality industrial machines and IPC standards are our bible.

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Every service we provide is driven by our motto “Launch your project as simple as 1 2 3”, EE Proto is providing one stop solutions for customers interested in prototyping->mid-scale production. One of the most important advantaged of EE Proto is that we produce each product with the same seriousity and quality even for 1 prototype.

We can take care of customer requirements from quotation, component procurement, making circuit boards, assembly, inspection and final assembly.

Our company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
We are capable of carrying out various PCB Assembly types, including through-hole technology (THT) and surface mount technology (SMT).
  • THT (Thru-Hole Technology)
  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology)
  • SMT and THT mixed
  • Surface Mount Device (SMD)
    • Passive parts : min 0201 imperial-code
    • BGA, QFN, leadless chips
    • maximum component height 15mm
    • LEDs and odd-form devices
  • Through-hole Device (THD) No limitation
  • SMT and THT mixed
Component package
  • Reels
  • Cut tape
  • Tube and tray
  • Bulk parts
Board dimensions and shape
  • Smallest size: 80x55mm including panel boarder
  • Maximum size: 460x300mm
Assembly process
  • Leaded
  • Lead-Free (RoHS)
Order quantity

From single to thousands of boards would be the simple answer. Our capacity depends on your project details, but we can mount 30 000 components/hour.

We like to help companies to ramp up their project. Even if we talk about a prototype, we treat it with the same seriousity. We think with our services you can really validate your project for manufacturing since we use industrial process.

Inspection process

We check all components according to IPC A-610 standard.

How to get a quote

Sed your inquiry with the following files included:

  • gerber files (RS-274X)
  • pick and place file
  • BOM (Bill Of Material)
  • Special requirements and other information (ex: quantity, delivery time, photo, 3d rendering)

Our quotation contains in separate lines the PCB, components, assembly and shipping cost. It is possible that the customer supplies the PCBs and/or components. (check our guideline)

For further tips and tricks check the FAQ and Resources pages.

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